Pairing marijuana with wine is a relatively new practice in today’s world but is growing rapidly because of the ability of both to inspire new experiences and flavor profiles out of their marriage. With Valentine’s Day around the corner an OHJA x Bottega partnership could not be more paramount, with Bottega’s four hundred years of passionate viticulture and OHJA Herbhouse’s masterful curation of Jamaica’s best cannabis, be prepared to be taken aback.

Bottega Pinot Grigio x OHJA Lemon Kush – The citrus and pear notes of the pinot grigio paired with the earthy sweet citrus notes of the lemon kush are bound to put you and your lover in a sublime mood with waves of euphoria. We recommend watching a sunset on a beach and fully unplugging with this pairing. Food Pairing: Shrimp Scampi, Chicken Chop Suey, Mushroom Risotto

Bottega Cabernet Sauvignon x OHJA Blueberry – The sweet flavor of fresh blueberries from the Blueberry strain paired with the bold flavor of berries, chocolate and tobacco from the Bottega Cabernet Sauvingon, you and your lover are bound to fall in love all over again. We would recommend headed to somewhere scenic and having a picnic for this one. Food Pairing: Steak, Lamb, Pasta

Bottega Moscato x OHJA Super Lemon Haze – This one is for the creative couples, the bubbly bright Moscato mixed with the bright citrus notes from the Super Lemon Haze is bound to leave one in a creative, happy and inspired mood. We would recommend a puff and paint session with your loved one, show her/him how much you adore them by giving them a piece of artwork dedicated to them. Food Pairing: Chinese Schezuan Dishes, Curry Dishes, Lobster Thermidor, Vegetarian Lasagna

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