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The island of Jamaica is not only the home of the fastest man in the world, but it is also the epicenter for all things marijuana. Through our strong Rastafarian culture and music the Jamaican people have been advocating for the use of cannabis since the 1900.  Fortunately, In February 2015 Jamaica’s legislature voted to amend the nation’s cannabis laws to decriminalize cultivation and usage of the plant. This takes the nation one step further in the mission to legalize the plant. A mission which will ultimately result in the advancement of humanity in areas such as medicine and wholistic livity. Come to OHJA ganja farm to learn more about the history and the future of Jamaica’s Cannabis industry.

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Farm Tours are $80 USD per person per day. Must be 18+ years of age

Come and explore Jamaica’s state of the art cannabis farm with OHJA’s ganja farm tour. Get hands on educational experience at a cannabis lab facility and meet the farmers and extraction technicians who produce and purvey the world’s best cannabis products. Add a Ganja tour as part of your vacation package to bask in Jamaica’s most precious herb, the sweet sweet marijuana. Additionally, you may enjoy authentic Jamaican cuisine and refreshments on the farm grounds. The real Jamaican way!

Tour hours are between 10:30am to 12:30pm or 2:00pm to 4:00pm and last for 30 – 45mins.

Jamaican Cuisine

Add A Meal To Your Tour

* Optional Meal package $40 USD: Photos are a great way for you to capture your experience here at OHJA Tours. You will receive your photos from the tour day from our professional photographers.

* Optional Photo package $25 USD: OHJA provides regular shuttles to the ganja farm tour location.
Booking transportation reservations in advance is recommended.

* Optional Pick Up & drop off package $50 USD: Have a made-to-order meal included on this tour. Taste the locally sourced ingredients Jamaica has to offer. We will provide a fixed menu that includes a fountain beverage and dessert.

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